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Noun desu
How do you get a commiecat to realize c*talonia is not and never will be an independent country? One of mine won't shut up about it and I'd rather not have to send it back to the factory.
Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Is it "Febuary" or "February"?
I can't believe it's not butter!
Never invest or gamble more than you can afford to lose.
> Now seeing ads at the top of page.

Dead imageboard, Fun while it lasted.
You have 10 seconds to explain why you aren't torrenting right now.
Is Brandon awake yet? Can't wait to bootstomp this old ass pedo loser some more today. We completely destroyed him yesterday.
How do I make quick money without selling my boyholes?
Definitely suddenly stop posting out of nowhere though. That's a very sane and normal thing to do.
>ready for our date?
I wish noun liked me
Hi crabs do you mind if I hang out with you?
In honor of the new found consistently high PPH I made some OCs.
Due to the growing number of retards on altchans, I have now switched to filtering every poster by default. To get on my whitelist you must write a >= 400 word essay explaining your worth and email it to
Other wise I will not read your post you stay filtered lol
r8 my girlfriend HUE HUE HUE
Literally me.
I've talked with Reuben and Chantopia will soon be relaunched. Stay tuned!
I always thought that I would grow out of being a nihilistic weeb with no hobbies but I just haven't. The neets were right all along none of this shit matters.
dominacan boricua
Namefags are taking over the board and they aren't even trips! This is a massive security risk threatening the integrity of alt-chans.
*blocks your path*
I've posted on here that I'm single a few times but never got any interest. Pretty sure I'm gonna find my soulmate here so I won't give up. ;)
I am not being a racist but, during the covid pandemic, I have heard that people, in Wuhan, Communist China, do indeed cremate people alive. 

It wouldn’t shock me if you hear police forcibly taking sick people straight into cremation service rather than the hospital, if this took place in Communist China.
Before you see it on the news I want to tell you all that I'm a high level Q supporter that was at the capital on Jan 6 and was the dude that killed that cop with fire extinguisher.
look at this handsome fellow
so long losers. i enlisted and now im actually going to go to the middle east to die for israel
far better than being around you insufferable losers and society in general
- Dɪᴇ4Isʀᴀᴇʟ ¹⁴⁸⁸
The times they are changing! The wind is blowing in mutated coronavirus from Texas. Combining with mold from flooded homes (because people didn't know how to turn their water off) and all of the horses women are beginning to notice, well, changes.
futa thread
Travis 2 Crabs
why are eunuch bald then? checkmate I LOVE SCIENCE FAGS

balding is low test
think this board needs more trans persons
Oh come on that wasn't even 60 seconds.
Which imageboards besides CrabChan do you post on?
This image board is fertile and promising.

rochester mn and La crosse wi. 
tons in mega
1nfo in the zip
anyone know her\facebook\name drop it
Crab !LeiRAPE/PM
Hump day is date night!
Everything is better when you are stroking your pussy.
Dear negros and niggerinos,

what leads you to this place at this very point of time? Have you just randomly clicked .onion links how I did? Or is there more to it, for you visiting this so hidden place on the Web?
Today is twintail day.
The FBI storms into your room and confiscates all your electronic devices. How fucked are you?
100+ PPH
Eat shit, Brandon Robert Kelley.
Thanks god we're back when that 502 error poped up on my screen I thought I had lost all my kreb frens.
I keep refreshing but it took a couple of minutes to coom back.
I don't know if it was panic attack but I just couldn't comput what was happening I just kept refreshing, I felt so impotent.
We're back now and every thing is fine. I love you krebs that experience mad me realize I should say it more often. 
Feel free to express tour own experience of this traumatic event itt.
We're here for you.
how do I remove thast stupid fucking crab from the front page.
Only real answers please. trols will be ignore.
Linca allowed herself to be transported into another planet within the window of Jasolyn’s soul. She was scared of the wonderful kind of joy blossoming wishing her as Jasolyn approached her until their faces were less than an inch apart. The kind of joy only once thought possible in the afterlife.
But how could Linca? They were both very much alive. Jasolyn’s very door only obstructed by the glasses which blocked Linca from her path. And yet Jasolyn’s confidence destroyed these boundaries. This once the telekinetic inside of her followed Linca’s whim by removing her glasses. Linca’s heart skipped a beat. How were the resplendent shadows of Jasolyn’s ocean THIS gorgeous within such a tide? Linca nearly blushed at the thought of keeping Jasolyn waiting. She closed her eyes in hopes of Jasolyn following suit. That’s when this same planet began to show its taste. Their lips exchanged tact, balancing and fighting the pros and cons of one another. Jasolyn wished to cherish the unfiltered Linca chained by her shy heart. Despite this Linca nevertheless tried mustering SOME courage to cement an impression.
It was Jasolyn’s knowledge of this jaguar in a Tabby’s layer which fed her growing appetite. She continued to exchange this repressed warmth as they walked towards the girl’s bathroom. Once inside Jasolyn multitasked and opened a diaper changing table as she lifted Linca’s shirt.
Linca could feel herself harden by a sudden heat. The very fire fanned by how snug yet glorious the thought of Jasolyn seeing her with nothing on. She never thought such a freedom could exist again.
They continued to exchange the strength from each other’s prodigious lips before Linca removed Jasolyn’s shirt. Jasolyn only kept the rhythm going as the former’s tongue began to unlock the zest within Linca’s own. Their taste buds met as their respective mouths sucked on one another.
Linca didn’t care if she wasn’t used to the taste of another girl anymore. Reason would still dictate her limits if common sense mattered anymore. While Jasolyn and Linca tongue wrestled the former began to remove her purple shoes with uncomfortable adrenaline as she neither wanted to untie her shoes nor remove her socks separately. It was when the ground pushed its cold surface towards her bare feet that Jasolyn, without warning, rested Linca’s pulsating back onto the diaper changing table. Linca was at first perplexed at Jasolyn’s pause in their own kissfest before looking up. Jasolyn didn’t hesitate to lower her jeans and step out of them before returning to the white-haired girl. Jasolyn kissed her throat, releasing the REAL feline from Linca once the latter began to feel the former’s hands undo her bra. The very sweat drip down from the plaid pink of her nipples nearly made Jasolyn blush despite Linca being too caught up in the former’s moves to care. The tears from what Linca assumed would be horror turned out to be that same perspiration that represented Linca’s indifference.
Jasolyn kissed the rings of Linca’s teats before returning to her reddening visage. She continued to caress her mouth with softer kisses before Linca chose to return the favor and proceeded to undo Jasolyn’s bra. This excited Jasolyn and impulsed her to remove the hairband, allowing her sunny mane to rival Linca’s length. After Linca looked away from the image of Jasolyn practically transforming into such a vixen she took it up another notch and flipped their bodies over until Linca was on top. Just as the blonde’s expectations had been exceeded enough Linca moved Jasolyn’s panties down to her heels.
She slid down to Jasolyn’s bare waist and took a mental picture of Jasolyn’s bare sex and stuck her mouth into it. She rubbed her tongue into the opening, searching for her cervix. Jasolyn strained a sigh as Linca’s once frail yet delicious tongue tasted like promise at last delivered. Soon Jasolyn’s sighs evolved into into weak squeals as the sensation of her clit being manifested like this almost made Linca’s somewhat weak resolve contagious. Linca valued the advantage and undid her shoelaces before swiftly removing her sneakers. She ignored her socks and skipped to her skirt by removing it out of her person, panties practically glued to them as they slid just as down. Linca cherished Jasolyn’s willpower to hold this climax down as the former returned to the table and licked the latter’s lips. Despite this borderline emotional instability Jasolyn was all too good at hiding Jasolyn was naught but devoted to satiating willing epicenter. She rose enough to hold Linca’s inhaling ribcage as she turned her around. They switched spots once more as Jasonlyn carefully laid Linca flat on her belly. It was a special sort of ache for Jasolyn to harbor seeing Linca like this. Vulnerable yet innocent compared to her sprightly yet licentious being.As if it wasn’t enough that she was laid like an equally naked infant with a table to match. Jasolyn wanted Linca to share this wonderful struggle by containing such undeserved ecstasy. Linca felt those same forceful yet caring lips emerge, with tongue, on the back of her neck as the latter began slowly licking down her back, making sure every synapse activated. It was when that tongue reached the closing of Linca’s large buttocks that the heat from the blood of the latter’s intimacy scorched her face. Yet it wasn’t until Jasolyn’s tongue touched down the white-haired girl’s own slit that Linca felt uncontrollably stiff. Unlike Linca, Jasolyn was far from a newcomer to this. Jasolyn kneaded Linca’s stomach as she dampened the many pulsating openings of Ms. Loud. It was the warm, soft touch of Jasolyn’s digits when Linca started to clench her eyes close and shriek somewhat louder, if just as Intensified, as Jasolyn slithered her palm from Linca’s belly to her robust thighs, flexing with the whirlwind they caught themselves in. Linca squinted her eyes open as he best was no longer enough to keep it inside. Jasolyn released her own climax the moment Linca screamed hard enough to make the entire abandoned building they were in tumble down.
They both rested onto the surface next to each other. Jasolyn spooned Linca’s earnestly frail self as they took a good breather.
Hey, wanna suck some titty?
Would you like a piece of apple pie?
What the fuck did you crabs do to make Patch have to turn on Captcha per post? What did I miss?

Wow 109 pph.
Would you travel 300km to deliver sushi and get cuckolded? This guy did.
Hello anons, crabs, whatever;

I need some random people's advice, and therefore this board was the first thing to come to my mind. But before I ask you the final question, you need to know a little bit about my person.

I... I do not have any friends in real life. Okay, nothing special you might think, especially for the (4/8/End/etc)Chan nieche of people on the internet. But, as somebody surely said one day, you cannot not communicate. That even applies to me. So, in my time I actually had a row of people I was talking to regularly, but with all of them, I don't have any remaining contact to this date.

The first to be of this sort was a dude, he wanted to start his own company and make me his employee for a department I had no experience in. Since I took the entire company-thing more as a joke/unserious business/project, I even signed a couple of contracts and basically was "employed" there. We were in a voice chat basically every day. Until one day, something clicked in his mind, and he decided to kick me out because of his opinion on 'furries' not being compatible with mine. Ever since then he even went further and became a femboy/furry degeneration, or, to stay in the 4ch-speech, a tranny. It went as far that later then that I was invited into groups, that basically witch hunted that very same person down, and they had me as a member, since I too was related with him.

Moving on from that, I thought to myself "Okay, that's nothing special, people can go nuts all the time." So I went on starting conversations with that other person, we knew ourselves because of another project we had running way back in 2018. And that actually worked out flawlessly for the first year or so. We were in a voicechat almost every night, discussed a lot, including, but not limited to technology, politics and life choices. But one day it happened to be that we had a political argument (text, not voice) and he basically abandoned the contact to me because of his opinion being incompatible with mine. Then, almost 4 months later, he answered my question I had asked him 4 months earlier. From then on, we were in a voice chat basically every night again... until he decided to have the same political argument again, and from there on he abandoned the contact to me once again. For almost an entire year. And now he's talking to me again because I saw him online on Christmas and decided to text him. Although now we're not in a voicechat every night.

Okay, I lied a little bit earlier, I do/did have ONE IRL-friend. We knew ourselves since late school, he introduced me to the platform that I met all these other people on, and it was basically all going well in the most far away sense. In any case, in these many years that we already knew each other, there was one "minor" issue that I just could never ignore. We had contact every single day basically, even if it's just a little bit of chat, if I happened to be bored or didn't know what to do with my time, I was usually having a chat with this guy. But even he changed over the years to a form I just couldn't stand anymore. In his case he wasn't becoming a tranny or abandoning me for my political opinion, but he became the standard, cancerous and elitist life form you usually meet on places like /g/ and The Arch Linux Forums. Not only that, but worse then an emo, his pseudo-depression and wannabe-sadness was subject of every. Single. Fucking. Chat that we ever had. Until one day I just decided I can't take this whining and circlejerking anymore, and left the platform forever, never coming back again. Ghosting usually isn't my thing, but in that case, I just had to do it, with me seeing no alternatives what so ever.

Moving on, there were several IRC-Channels and semi-IRC-chats based on webapps that I was part of, some of them I just left because of boredom, a few others however I was kicked out from for not behaving the way the admin(s) indented to, which I totally take credit for, I fucked up in these chats, but then again, for a 4ch-tier community, I am not going to follow common sense rules.

Anyways, back to where I was. Now I am currently chatting with yet another person. He's usually okay, but explosive about every single bit you say and to be quite brutally honest with you, he's a nazi. Now while I do consider myself to be a pretty right-wing person, I am not a fucking nazi nor a /pol-tard after all. He also is very protecting about his personal information and basically tries to dox everyone and everything. Not too sure about how this is going to end. Am I going to abort contact because my nerves can't take shit any longer? Or is he going to piss off? Whatever, that may not be the main subject here.

My real question actually comes now; Is it my fault that in every single case I get people like that to actually contact me, talk with me and build up a (")friendship(") with me? Or is it just bad luck and/or bad platforms, where cancer usually builds up? Genuinely curious what the crabs have to tell me.
Where's LobbyBoi?
This is your girlfriend tonight.
Everyone listen up! It's draw time and we are creating a masterpiece! Add one line to the image per post until we have finished our collective masterpiece.
There is no need to rush it, so take your time anons. A masterpiece isn't done within a day. quality > quantity.
Movies/movie franchises I have never watched:

-Pirates of the Caribbean
-Lord of the Rings
when u cant tell if its ur stalker or just a fellow schizo so u start gathering info on them anyways
Let's violently overthrow the government.
>they removed my favorite side dish (cheesy jalapeño bread) from the Domino's menu
i want to start a fund to send hookers to incels so they can stop bitching about being virgins
>mfw my brother has become a tranny and set his pronouns on twitter to she/her
yo any of you guys need a girlfriend? i can can get you sorted out now. hmu
Do you like cheese? Do you ever eat just a piece of it?
Personally I hate raw/cold cheese, but I love it when it's hot and melted onto something.
i just accidentally deleted my kpop folder
it had 1000GB worth of girls dancing 
this was my cure to masturbation
Man drugged, raped, filmed girl (9)

Unemployed Como man, 30, allegedly sold child porn on deep web

25 May 2020

Como, May 25 - Italian police on Monday arrested a 30-year-old Italian man on suspicion of drugging and sexually abusing a preschool girl, filming the abuse and selling the video on the dark web.

The unemployed Como man, Stefano Taroni, was arrested on charges of aggravated sexual violence, and the production, possession, and distribution of child pornography.

The case was reported by the Il Giorno and Provincia di Como newspapers.

It emerged during a probe into the "deep web", police said.

The man had succeeded in getting the girl on his own on several occasions, police said.

He used drugs, also procured on the deep web, raped the girl and filmed it all with a camcorder, police said.
Crab Bucket? More like crap bucket.
>anon, we're going to go do some shopping, will you keep an eye on your niece for a while?
you people who go to random altchans that will die in a week are an odd bunch
Find a grave doesn't allow users to leave flowers for Adolf Hitler. Whether you love or hate the guy is irrelevant. Hitler's e-grave should flowers on it.
This board is just imitation crab meat.
What's your favorite Elvis Presley song?
I know you guys really like my posts and have been simping hard on me lately but if you really want to help the movement put your dick back in your pants and tell your friends about the great things we're doing here at the bucket.

Tell your mom.
stupid people standing next to me at the grocery store cash register. talking about "can you believe people wearing masks under their nose? then i'm like hellooooo?!" and the bimbo cash register girl agreeing with them. all this while i was standing 3 feet next to them while wearing my face diaper, you guessed it, under my nose. i don't even wanna wear these stupid things so you're damn right i'm not gonna make myself suffocate all the way for no reason. fucking cowards, it's none of their business anyway.
god i hate people, i hate society, this is why i've been a shut-in for 5 years now. life is overrated and humans are cancer.
I hate 4chan so much
>gay comments
>Gay ops
>Gay anons
>Gay namefags
>Gay community
>Gay owner
>Gay past
>Gay future
>Gay pedos
>Gay weeks
>Gay gamers
>Gay feds 
>Gay snitches

Are all crabbucket users and staff homos or did I miss someone?
4chan /b/'s current catalog.
this will never be you
I've been truly humbled by the level of flamboyant faggotery some of you krebs have exhibited, I've coom to the conclusion I'm not worthy of being caller faggot in chief. 
I renounce my name and suggest we organize an election to choose a new faggot in chief.  

Also here's some randoms observations in no particular order.
I wish die4israel would post a new selfie tbh.
We should invite all kind of randos to zain's server.
Eat semen!
Do you sniff your little sister's worn panties when she's not around?
Dad... I came...
Ahhhhh I'm scared of life ahhhhh life is so scary and bad I want to hide In this bed until I'm dead, please lord above save me from the fires of hellfire oh allah save me
Have you discovered anything new online lately? Maybe doing anything new in your life?
Join the Cr͏ab Buc͏ket!
Once you're in, you'll never get out.

Uh oh! Trouble in Herd paradise!

Ask yourself this: who do you trust more to secure the future of the community? Patch or Reddit? I thought about this myself and it didn't take me long to come to the conclusion that something needed to be done.

Thats why today I founded
A place for crabs to be crabs without worry about whether or not a certain other crab will ban them. There's no karma or account age requirements to post.
I don't understand how it hasn't collapsed yet. 50 million Americans facing eviction, 50 million Americans lost their jobs in a 6 week period, 50% of small businesses saying they are about to go bankrupt. How the fuck has America not collapsed yet?
Hello crabs,
From 0 to 10 (with 10 being the best), how satisfied would you say are you with the Crab Bucket?
Any notes or requests?

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